I Survived!

After three days without a shower, covered in dirt and grime, muscles aching and refusing to cooperate we made it home from the Blue Ridge Mountains. We saw nary a bear or mountain lion (thank you Baby Jesus!). We hiked our asses off and were famished continuously and everything I ate tasted like the best thing I have ever eaten (ie: oodles of noodles, pancakes, trail mix, PB & J on smushed white bread).

Here are a few photos to prove it from my cell phone camera (our point-and-shoot surprised us by having a dead battery even though I charged it fro two days).

Top of The Priest

Top of The Priest

Top of Crabtree Falls

Top of Crabtree Falls

Hiking the Appalachian Trail to The Priest

Me and him at top of Crabtree Falls

Top of The Priest (should not have allowed photos of myself)

Indian Sliding Board (Z trying to scare me to death)

Indian Sliding Board (we didn't slide, waaaayyy too cold)

The Meadows (so beautiful, full of apple trees)

A crevice between the boulders at the top of the Priest

Top of the world! Priest Mountain, VA

We did hear some type of animal, my FIL thought it was a coyote, after the dark. After hiking into the woods to pee when I first wake up (middle of the night or early morning) is a terrible ordeal. It was quite refreshing to sit on a toilet in a climate controlled bathroom without worrying about being attacked by animals or poison ivy.

What was your weekend like?


  1. Kudos to you! It looks like a great trip (and thank goodness, bear free!)

    And weekends without showers, totally the norm around here... I'm just saying ;)


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