I Love Him

Did i ever tell you about the crazy lady (actually more like a girl) that bought a puppy form me and kept saying in this twee voice, "I LOOOOVEEEEE HERRRR! I LOVVVVEEEE HERRRRR!" I eventually slapped her to the ground but now that phrase is stuck in my head.


Here are my latest painting. I love them both (I LOVVEEEE THEMMMMM), equally. Sold two other paintings this week on etsy and to a student in my art class, yay for me!

Top is "European Robin on snowy branch" and beside is the close-up.
Bottom is "Vulturine Guinea" and beside is close-up.

I heart them equally. I will be sad to sell them.

Also, did I mention my house is a complete mind-job?

We moved everything out of the front of the house, and are currently using what was the coffee bar as the kitchen. Ya'll, the sink holds like 8 cups of water. Do you know how fucking hard it is to wash a glass in that size sink? How about a juicer (I am currently juicing several times a day)? Here is photographic evidence of my misery for when I completely lose it and kill someone at the grocery store with a carton of greek yogurt.

This is me making bacon in my MoFo Kitchen

Notice the juicer which is twice as large as the sink

I call this place My Mother Fucking Kitchen. Don't you feel better about your life?

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