J and I have been watching The Voice. We like it a lot. Check it out if you haven't already. But here are my pet peeves (you knew they were coming didn't you?)

WTF #1: Christina. The Dolly Parton wig, the boobs that dimple in when she lifts her arm, the crazy tranny makeup, and the bitter, snarky, bitchy, hateful, immatrue comments she makes to all the other judges. WTF?
PS- She looked better last week with the braid and less makeup, although the braid drove my husband crazy.

WTF #2: The country guy. He creeps me out. And Christina creeps me out talking about taking off his pants.

WTF #3: Christinas: leather granny panties, blue Best-Little-Whore-House outfit. And everything she dresses her team in (turning them into little Christinas).

Nice: Adam Levine. So cute.

Nice: Blake Shelton. He is really tall (a weakness of mine). And seems nice. And he said, "That's what she said!" to Adam's comment about his length! Love him, don't even know what he sings.

Nice: CeeLo. Love him. He can sing, he says "Pretty Lady", and gives awesome praise.

Nice: Beverly McClellan. What an amazing voice! I mean really where has this lady been?

Nice: Dia Frampton. At first I thought she was too mousey. But now I realize that she is quietly rocking the shit out of it.

Love: Xenia. Such a unique voice, I hope she keeps coming out of her shell.

Miss: Rebecca Loebe. Why oh why did they let her go? Download her and that other guys version of Creep. So good.

WTF #?: The headband stereotypical rocker guy. Is his forehead tattooed? Is he afraid American won't like him if they catch a glimpse of his forward, brainpan? I hate the bandana on the forehead look thanks to Brett-Greasy-Michaels.

WTF #??: And I think Christina picked her whole team just so she could sing Lady Marmalade they way she always wanted to.

Okay, I am stepping down off my soap box.

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