While we were on vacation, one of my husbands cousins taught my girls a new thing. She had her fingernails painted in this different way, swirls/splotches of color instead of one uniform hue.

After continuous nagging by my children she said she would do theirs if we got some fingernail polish. Thank you Dollar General. We got some bright hues and silver.

She did their nails on night and they looked adorable. Then the next day the kids wanted to do mine. Eeekkk. I have never let them paint mine before because they are so messy and clumsy.

Turns out it was more stressful than I could have imagined; they spilled the remover on the table and carpet, smeared polish on me and themselves and my hands don't match.

B did a great, consistent job on my left hand. Z...well, God Bless her little heart..she did my right hand.
left hand

right hand...gah.

It is quite awkward taking photos of your own hand. At work. But as you can see my right hand looks like a blind person paintede it. Each nail is completely different.

As much as I adore their efforts (and really B's are good) when I get a spare minute this weekend I'ma gonna be changing them up again.

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  1. How sweet though. :)
    I don't wear polish on my fingernails...it's too much maintenance.


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