Three Words

It's been awhile since I did a Three Words post, so bear with me.

My Morning Bangs (WTH?)

Waiting in Line (I love their expressions)

Z Turns 8

Italian Ice Tongue (my adorable niece and her Sour Apple Italian Ice tongue)

My Island Girl (from  out vacation, she rode this 30 year old bike all over the island where we went on summer vacation.)

First Island Moments (after 8 hours in the car, they hoped out and ran to the water to begin our weeklong adventure. B is wearing pants, by the way, that she rolled all the way up.)

Girls on Swing (2011)

Girls on Swing (2010- I love to see the comparisons of how much they have grown and changed with a stable factor, ie: the swing. I also have a series when they were little in the same red rocking chair.)

Still-life before Z

Still-life after Z (immediately after I snapped the first shot, Z snuck her fast hand in and grabbed the yummy bread. I am going to do a post about this dinner soon.)

That's all folks.....

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