Have you read, Sh*t My Dad Says the book? Have you? Why not?!? Run to the store right now, slap down $17.00 and let the laugh riot begin! I was reading this in a restaurant as I dined alone one day and started laughing so hard (but as silently as I could) that I thought I was going to fall off the chair and onto the floor wetting my pants as I landed (but thankfully I didn't).

BTW, pay no attention to the hype about the tv series about this book starring William Shatner. Really, just ignore that and go read it.

I have been reading this guy's twitter page (the only one I read) for about a year when I saw he had the book out. Read his twitter and go get the book (the book is not one of those awful just-take-all-his-tweets-blogposts-whatever-and-bind-them-together-and-try-to-make-some-money books, either)

This would be the best book for someone who is a little down. I gotta put that on my tadalist of gift ideas, right now!

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