Photo Opportunity Missed

I am going to paint you a picture since I did not have my camera ready with the opprutnity presented itself...

Players: Cable Guy, Playhouse, and Me

Scene: House with front yard, playhouse stage left, me getting out of my car and walking nonchalantly up to house. Cable guy has been looking for the cable hook up.

Act 1

La la la, walking walking...then I hear a noise.

I turn to look at the children's playhouse.

A man emerges, crawling through the hole made for a six year old.

I am momentarily stunned, then I begin to crack up.

He stands, we walk towards each other and the only thing I can think to say is, "What are you doing playing in my kids playhouse?" I saw this laughingly, cause I mean, how else could I say it?

He, the grown-ass man who just crawled out of the playhouse, says nothing. He has a pained look on his face. I then say, "Did you find it?" in a gentle voice, the one I use for small children.

He continues witht he pained look and gestrues at nothing and says, "I'm going to have to go here and run it and then..." We then stare at each other another awkward minute and I continue into the house barely supressing me laughter.

I burst out as soon as I cross the threshold. I immediately call my husband who had apprised me of the situation of confused and dumbfounded cable guy before I got home (CG had to call hubbie at work).

My husband guffaws and asks me if I told the guy that the kids get horrible reception in their playhouse and was he working on that (there is no tv, only dirty and a straw roof in said playhouse)...

Thank you God for this bit of humor and glee in my day.


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