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Got kids in school? Sometimes, or all the time, let them eat school lunch? I know I do, I have gotten really slack about packing their bento boxes. I mean our schedule is crazy lately and I am wiped out at the end of the day. Anyhoo...

Yesterday, I read an article about this teacher's year long experiment of eating school lunch everyday. She wants to bring awareness to lack of quality in school lunches. She chooses to remain anonymous because her job would be in danger if she was found out. I mean what higher up in the school district wants a lowly teacher complaining about what is served to the voiceless children? I've read some of her blog and from what I have seen and read so far in her blog it has made me get back in the groove of packing lunches.

Check her out...the cheese lasagna today is truly gross. Fed Up With School Lunch


  1. I love this topic! I will definitely check it out, thanks :)

  2. Gosh and I was really feeling terrible about sending the kids to school with hot-dogs today... I love the idea of this teacher's blog!


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