Pet Peeves

In no particular order:
1. Businesses that have names with misappropriated letters, ie: Kar Kare, Kute Kuts

2. Barking dogs

3. White pants on anyone except a sailor or a child

4. People who move to an area after visiting it and falling in love with it and then complaining about the way things are done around the place

5.  People who know everything, ie:
Person A "I once went on a safari in Membazway and ate tiger."
Know-It-All: "Me too! And I was initiated into a tribe of cannibals!"
Person B: "I am a licensed taxidermist, specializing in large animals."
Know-It-All: "Oh, yea, I got my taxidermy license when I was 18, after spending that year with the cannibals."
Person C: "I gave birth after 40 hours without pain meds in a birthing pool filled with Red Sea water."
Know-It-All: "I was the first man to give birth in the history of the world."

6. Sesame seed buns

7. My favorite books made into movies

8. People who talk during a movie

9. That hair-do that a lot of teens have that involves a lot of hair flicking or smoothing it down to just the right angle to hang right in their eyes (I sound just like my grandmother circa 1976)

10. Any music by the band Rush

What are your pet peeves?


  1. So with you there ! Have a lovely week ahead.

  2. At the top of my pet peeves would be "judgmental people."

  3. Wow Andrea...not sure if that was a dig but okay...

  4. People at the crosswalk that push the button a million times- grrr. It doesn't make the light turn green any faster!

  5. Uh-oh, don't tell my hubby that you don't like Rush!

    Right now, my pet peeve is tree pollen and the fact that it is not allowing me to breathe through my nose. :-/


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