The Birthday

Before getting pierced...

After the first ear (she's a little worried about what's coming)

And her beatific smile after she sees her new look!

For anyone in their 30's, do you remember those HUGE guns they used to pierce ears with? They made that God awful sound that scared the beejeezuz out of you (me) and made you (me) jump and get a crooked piercing? I was telling my daughter all about them, and how it would make a big noise and she had to sit still, bla bla blaaa...I was trying to prepare her.

We get there and the big scary gun is gone and in it's place is this 3x3 plastic thing that barely make a whoosh! Man, these kids have it easy.

Well, I was telling my mom about the new gun compared to the torture device I had been pierced with and she said, "Ha! When I was little, they held a piece of ice behind my ear and jabbed a needle in it." She just had to one-up me.

B will probably tell her kids about her ear piercing one day and by then it will be an instantaneous, pain free laser piercer or something.

Oh and here are some pics from her Harry Potter themed 9th birthday. I am very proud of the cake I made....

She loved this outfit, I got her the sparkly beret and the wedge black patent shoes and her grandmother got her the clothes... She was so beautiful and confident as she turned 9!

Hedwig the Owl is made out of rice crispy treat balls covered in fondant and icing. I made the Harry glasses out of black foam. I heard the purple icing on the sheet cake was not great, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

Kept the Hogwarts theme running with the drinks. The kids were into it, they kept asking for witches brew and acid ale all night.

It was a fun, simple party. I am known to go to extremes for the girls birthdays, which is fun for the people but makes me a devil to be around before the party and afterward I am like a zombie. This party was much better.


  1. What an awesome birthday party and a beautiful birthday girl!

    And I do remember those awful guns-- I've had several body piercings as an adult done with large needles, those are no walkinthepark, either.

  2. Ear piercing is a coming of age thing and your daughter is BEAMING she's so happy about it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! You two are gorgeous.


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