It snowed. I mean, I know, there is SNOW everywhere in the rest of the nation. Some people live with it daily for several months of the year. But at the beach, we think it is cold when the themometer reaches 60. We are wimps.

When it snows here, schools get canceled, people call into work saying they can't drive, children are forced to wear plastic bags over their shoes because of course suede boots and thin tennis shoes, that serve us well every other day of the winter, are no match for the wet melty, snow we get once every 5 years.

We had a fun day in it. Our snowman had dead grass and pinestraw through and through, like every snowman from my childhood. We licked snow from the cars, got the icy cringe of snowballs thrown down the backs of our shirts, had snowball fights, the dog attacked us and the snow, the neighbors and my husband had an unspoken snowman building contest, the kids longed to mess up our bachelor neighbor's pristine snow- that he was probably cursing because it covered his beautiful lawn....

And, as you can see, to make a snowman in so little snow, it leaves lotsa bare patches in our yard. He fell within two hours. Maybe cause of that huge melon.


But I am glad it was only here less than 24 hours...I couldn't live in that all the time.

*This is from some weeks ago, but I JUST got the photos loaded...Bad blogger, bad!


  1. Love the pics especially the snowman. Over here on our side of the pond, we've been hit by a heatwave and the temp is an all time high of 104 degrees.

  2. How pretty! I don't usually like to be in super cold weather but that looks like fun.

  3. How fun! That is one big snowman! And fromt he looks of thing, it took nearly all of your snow to make. Hope that means spring is around the corner for you.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. LOVE IT...you have a very cute blog.


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