Body Piercing

That term sounds kinda scary doesn't it? But ear piercing, not so big a deal. For years I have adamantly been against getting my kids ears pierced until they were old enough to take care of them. You  know, around 12 or so. And seeing a baby or toddler with little bobs poked in their tiny earlobes makes me cringe. I mean, that shit hurts! I can't imagine how they pierce the second ear after that little one felt the first one.

But my girl is getting ready to turn nine, which not only brings up lots of "OH MY GOD! How am I the mother of a nine year old?" but also maybe she is ready for ear piercing.

See she's at an age (and frankly, so am I) were stuff is a little more precious to her. She has particular likes and dislikes. I mean she still trashes her room or leaves her precious stuff on the floor but I like the idea of less "stuff". Gifts that will last more than one growth spurt or until the next thing comes along. And ear piercing- that's gonna leave a mark (little ear piercing humor).

Her dad is getting her out of school a little early and taking her to a Ripleys attraction they have been talking about going to forever. She is going to sooo love that! And talk about something that lasts, she will always remember doing that with her dad.

We will get her a few "things" too. A hula hoop, maybe a dress (although she is so damn particular-she wants it to be long, not this, only that, red, black or white. So finding one is next to impossible). But wouldn't it be special to take her to get her ears pierced?

I'll sleep on it...in the meantime, what do you guys think?


  1. I think she will love to have her ears pierced! I got mine for my 5th birthday and always remember what a big event it was! Post photos:)

  2. i would let her get them if she's able to take care of them. just make sure you get quality earrings. some of the jewelry has nickel in it and can cause lots of problems if she's sensitive to it (i've been there, which is why i switched to tattoo's). hope everything goes well.

  3. If she wants to, do it :) She's old enough to take care of them. My daughter was 5 and freaked out but they did both ears at once so we didn't have the problem of doing the second one after the first really painful one.

  4. I had my ears pierced at the age of 12 and it didn't go very well (due to a mild hypersensitivity reaction, over the years I needed to do it 4 or 5 times, until I finally got 1 decent piercing per ear, that I now rarely "use"). I switched to belly piercing and tattoos, but of course only when I became an adult.

    I'd say go for it, if she really wants it and both you and your husband are ok with it, but make sure you get quality earrings and the person who does it follows all hygienic regulations (you know, sterile equipment and everything).

  5. I'd say to let her get them if she wants them. I totally agree with you on the baby earrings. Blech!

  6. I must admit that I am one of those mother's that had her babies' ears pierced when they were little...right after I adopted them. Sorry, but as they have gotten older, they both LOVE to go to Claire's and pick out earrings. I usually don't like to take them shopping, but this is one place I think is fun to step back and watch them command the store.

  7. I say go for it! I got mine pierced when I was little and have always had a pair of small gold hoops. But then that's a cultural thing too - everyone has their ears pierced early here (I haven't pierced my daughter's yet and get questions all the time!)


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