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So, how've ya been? Pretty good here...well, actually today has been rather stressful. Like really stressful...kinda like if you were required to pull all your arm hairs out in an eight hour period without being able to mutter a word about how tedious or painful it is. Yea, I know, it's one day and maybe tomorrow I will wake up and things will seem/be better. That's what I am hoping for. It's this client of mine, they are driving me batty but I will get through it. Or die trying...now I mean literally Iing to might die try please this micro-managing, nit-picker.

How's the hub? The Kids? Anything new with you?

Have you read anything good lately? Well, actually yes I have. I started a book club and we had our second meeting. We are/were reading Water for Elephants which I read for the second time. It is awesome, really you should try it! Next we are reading The Hunger Games, the first in a trilogy. Looks really good.I love post-apopylectic fiction. I mean, The Road was amazing, and World War Z, too.

Mostly though it's just been fun getting together with 3 other ladies and talking...you know...without a kid interrupting or pulling on my sleeve and demanding candy. I almost don't know how to converse with adults after having and staying home with two kids. But I am relearning. In fact our little book club is like an Adult Education Center- we are all moms with kids under 10, we are rehabilitating together!

Seen any good movies? No, I didn't see that one but I wanted to. We just watched The Gamer which was okay, it's saving grace was GERARD BUTLER. Yowza! I can't even write anymore about him, I mean the keyboard doesn't work so well with drool on the kets....We also saw Avatar- also okay, pretty long but good eye candy and bla storyline. Oh, oh, I really want to see Wolfman, it looks amazing and I hear the cinementography is terrific. And how can you go wrong with Benicio and Anthony?

The kids? They, thank God, are finally in bed. Yea, they are doing good: the usual- schools good, they love dance,  they can't wait for summer and the Disney trip. B loves being a Girl Scout but those cookies are about to kill me. Not because I have eaten my fill (or eaten even one, I swear, I haven/a't) but because economics and salesmenship is/are just not my fortay (how do you even spell that? Fortae? Fourtay?)

And as far as school goes, I really think the fact that I already passed first and third grades should keep me from relearning all this stuff, but I am right there googling angle and American Revolution and math facts and terms so the little ones don't realize I am an idiot. I need at least a few more years before they think of my like that.

Well, it was good to catch up, I'm going to run take a shower, forgoing shaving the legs of course ( I mean, who is going to see them?) and settle in for a nice long night of The Office reruns.

Keep in touch. Let's talk soon. Lova ya!



  1. Mine is just in preschool, and already I'm having to learn...hmm...A book club sounds fabulous, but I guess I'll have to wait at least a few years on that one. How fun is it to relearn talking with adults?

  2. My boys loved The Hunger Games, and my husband and I enjoyed it too. We were all trying to read it at the same time and fighting over it. The second one is a real cliff hanger though. Left us all really annoyed that the third isn't due out until August.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one being pulled in ten directions! At least you have the book club, that sounds awesome :)


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