It's a trap

My almost nine year old (like very very soon she will be nine!) is very inventive. I mean very. Like, you don't even understand...So let me explain.

I guess she gets it from her dad and I equally. We were each very inventive kids.

For instance, when I was little, I wanted to draw a really pretty woman and I just couldn't draw her well enough with markers or crayons. So I got my mom's make-up out and drew an outline and hair and then made her up with blush and blue eyeshadow and lipstick. I don't exactly remember the results. And I used to strip all my Barbies clothes off and take scraps of my moms sewing material and make them new, more "stylish" clothes. All of my creativity was usually geared towards making things pretty.

My husband on the other hand would take the Land O' Lakes butter box with the Indian Lady on it and cut her little bare knees off one side. Then he would cut around the little butter box on the other side, tape her knees underneath so it looked like when you lifted the flap you saw her breasts. He was probably in elementary school when he started doing that and we have a box of butter in the fridge right now with the booby flap on it. He would also meticulously sew a roll of toilet paper to itself as he sat on the pot. So when the next person was vulnerable on the potty went to pull off a piece it would shred in their hand. He was a little more...hmmm...I can't think of a word for his inventions.

So along comes our mixed DNA. She makes sling shots out of pencil and tape and rubber bands. She sews clothes for the cat. She makes robots out of toilet paper rolls and foil. She makes earrings out of thread and fake coins. All innocent things, kinda like my inventions as a child. And recently we discovered the otherside of her creativity...her father's side.

Her sister actually told on her Wiley Coyote inspired trap. B had taken sticks and yarn and crafted a trap. It would've been cute if it did something silly like tangle the person up in it or shower them with flower petals. But nooo. Those are child's play. My B HUNG A BRICK ABOUT 4 FEET IN THE AIR TO DROP OF SOMEONES HEAD WHEN THEY WALKED UNDER IT! Sorry to shout, but capitals were necessary.

You can believe my shock and anger when she was found out. Thank God it was not discovered after some poor child was concussed! The only thing I can imagine she was thinking was it would make them see little birdies flying around their head like in the cartoons. She couldn't have known how serious it would've been.

But now, my niece who lives with us is a little paranoid about walking into a room. She is always looking for the next trap.

"Hey, B...what's this hole in the floor?"

PS- B got her ears pierced, she barely flinched and she LOVES them. Thanks for all the comments.

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  1. *hahaha* I'm only laughing 'cause I have a feeling that's how my son will be...


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