My niece, when she was about 4 called Valentine's "Valenhearts". The name stuck.

Speaking of Valentines, we are in full-on red and pink mode here. We have been making valentines all weekend for classmates. But I wasn't sure what I was going to do for my girls. Then I saw this idea on a blog this morning and I had to make two for my girls.


A Valentine Envelope that tie on the back of their kitchen chairs. Each morning this week they will get a love note from their dad and I stuck in there.

Here's my first bit of love.

And on Valentine's morning we will put their treats inside.

I love that we will use them for years and years.

Can you tell I love my girls?


  1. I love the idea of the Valentine envelope on their chairs!

  2. That is great- my mom always did fun stuff for us on the holidays and now I'm enjoying doing it for my kids. I'm not so much for the adult Valentine's stuff but it's so exciting with kids :)

  3. GOSHDARNIT! I LOVE the Valentine envelope on the chair! If only I had enough time this week! LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea!


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