This Girl

This is soooo Zo.


The photo captures her whole attitude and charm.

I had to take a pic of this outfit that she put together all by herself. She just sparkled! Glitter, multi- colored scarf borrowed from her grandmother, purple shirt with rhinestones, her FAVORITE jeans we found a thrift store 2 years ago and she won't give them up, a black, crushed velvet shrug from a Christmas dress and her navy blue sneaks.

She is such her own little person. Her own thoughts, ideas, out of the blue questions, "When is Lafawnda (our dog) getting married? Why do you shave your armpits? Can you swallow a baby doll so your body will start making milk again (breastmilk, she remembers nursing with such tenderness and longing)?". Most times I enjoy drinking in her sense of self. Other times, like when we need to leave the house and she decides to drag out all her Barbies or find her "other" purse or go take a 30 minute poop while singing songs/reading book/teaching class...those times, I really want her to just do what I ask. NOW!

How can I put some of this self confidence, sense of style, knowledge of self, empowered-fairy-rock star traits in a bottle to open when she is twelve and develops breast buds or zits or the boys are mean or the girls are mean or she doesn't get asked to the school dance or she DOES get asked to the dance or she WANTS TO ASK a boy to the dance? How do I help her remember the kid she is now; who cares not a wit about what I think, what her classmates think is cool? She forges ahead with her own ideas, and the other kids can follow. Like whatev!

When she grows up I think she is going to be a teacher/dancer/singer/vet/fashion designer/actress/beauty queen/President...all of them, at the same time. Because right now...this very minute...she thinks she can.


  1. This is a great post Neva. I love it. What a great picture and what a great girl. I love her and I don't even know her. :) She sounds pretty darn special. Even if she does poop for 30 minutes... :)

  2. love your posts. cool blog. I'll be following.

  3. She is *awesome*! I think this very issue is what's most difficult about raising a girl into a woman- but you can do it ;)


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