Felted Flower Slippers

So, I got these new bedroom slippers the other day. It was hard, because I had a pair I loved but the hole that had worn through where my elfin toes go, was embarassing. I finally threw them away before I lazily put them on one more time. Then I went around our COLD tile floor house for a coupla weeks sans slippers. Brrr,  I would not recommend it.

So I found a black plain pair with an ugly little cream bow at a super store where I can buy groceries, tools, plants, and jewelry. They were cheap and looked comfy. Looks can be decieving. Because...Oh, how AMAZINGLY comfy they turned out to be. Oh my. I really want to wear them to work and to the store. My husband has threatened me not to.

However, as comfy as they were they lacked... pizazz. My last slippers, the ones in the trash, they had pizazz. For my new slippers, I decided to make come felt flowers for them, similar to a project I did on woolie boogers.


First, I bought a little $1.79 two-tone felt kit from AC Moore. I got out my felting needles and foam and went to work. My flowers, circles and hearts were a free hand design. The colors don't show up great here but I chose a aqua and teal. Here is a tutorial (albeit cheesy and bad quality) on needle felting, too long for me to explain here...

I then took a photo of the blah slippers for a before shot. To be a true "before" shot I should have told them to poke their stomachs out, wipe every stitch of happiness off their face and put them in bad lighting. You know, to make the after shot more dramatic. But alas, I didn't.

But before I could add said flowers, I thought that I would one day need to wash my slippers and I would cry if I ruined all my hard work on my litle flowers. And what if one day my slippers and I needed to part ways, ie: I needed to move on and they needed to be thrown away. It would hurt me to throw away my stitched on felted flower. So, clever me, I decided to sew on a snap. One side to the shoe and one to the felt! Snap on, snap off.


Now look how happy my slippers are! So chipper, so glad they tried the 90 minute, All Felt, Lovely Flower diet!


  1. Those are darling! And I'll be sending you some more guest blog info soon, we've had a case of the ickies around here today so I'm a little behind.


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