Black Friday

Yep, we headed out at 3:30 this morning to capture a deal...And Wooo Hooo we were successful!

First we headed to Target, they were supposed to open at 4 AM. We get there, we see a line, we sit in the warm car, we wait, we wait. And 4:00 comes and goes. No open doors! We wait, we laugh at people dressed in leggings and sweatshirt in the frigid weather. We wait. Nothing. We finally leave at 4:20, and head to Wal Mart.

Target can suck it! They leaked their own ad and created a frenzy by NOT opening their doors on time.

Wal Martm while it was pretty packed was not wall to wall AND it was OPEN. My hubby and I split up, found our items we wanted, got a wait-in-line ticket, waited til 5 am and traded that ticket for a checkout ticket and Hooyaa! We got them! Less than an hour in and out.

Then we headed to Old Navy, scored some clothes for the kids, a little sweater for moi. And BAM, done in less than an hour.

Back to Target (what were we thinking?) where the packing lot was spilling over into other stores parking lots. I jumped out to get to the bathroom while J parked the car. After the line at the bathroom I charged into the insanity towards the back of the store. I was in search of "Up" the movie, a charger thingy, a Hello Kitty alarm clock...and then I realized all the people I was passing with carts full of stuff were in the checkout line. Which was wrapped all around the store! OMG! Called hubby on the cell, we decided it wasn't worth it and we left. Again. Did I mention that Target can suck it!

Ate breakfast at Cracker Barrell and barely stayed awake for the drive home. Unloaded one of our big ticket items, laughed hysterically at nothing while carrying the item in the house until I coughed so hard that I was barking which made us laugh harder. Came in, gave the kids kisses and went to bed at 9 AM....

First time I have ever gone out on Black Friday...and I think we might do it again. But not to Target!


  1. Sounds like you had a good time besides Target! I went to Fred Meyers and Bed Bath and Beyond. It wasnt that bad and I will totally do it again next year too :)
    Glad you had a blast!

  2. Target wasn't supposed to open until 5am. We opened at 4, and I almost got trampled.

  3. Oh, you are braver than I. I think I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a pin... :)

  4. Wow, I am VERY impressed. You and hubby are a GREAT TEAM shopping! Congrats on all you loot.

    I can't believe Target didn't open on time. I can barely handle Target on a regular day. Target at 4am, or jammed with lines around the store would have been the end of me!

    Sleep in tomorrow. You deserve it!

  5. My hubby apparently was delirious when he looked at the Target ad and thought it said 4...Man, now I have to transfer my anger to him and not Target! Doh!


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