What I Believe...

Just to name a few, I believe:

  • in reusable grocery bags
  • drinking water and lots of it
  • coconut oil for skin
  • olive oil for chapped anything
  • breastmilk for babies, toddlers and on up
  • seatbelts
  • that white pants should be saved for sailors and athletic sports
  • that artistic skill is not innate in a few but that it is squashed in most as children
  • that two pillows are necessary for sleep
  • that Hope is never something to be snarled at or put down
  • that cats and dogs are cats and dogs and not people
  • that for any reason, if I ever lost most of my hair I would shave the rest off and enjoy my bare scalp
  • someone else's doubts and fears have nothing to do with me or my life
  • in God and Jesus
  • children need magic to help shape them and build their spirits- Santa, fairies, Easter Bunny, leprechauns
  • that vitamins serve a purpose of supplementing or boosting not replacing good nutrition through a balance and varied diet
  • that everyone everywhere hurts for some reason at some point, that none of us are unique in out pain and  loneliness
  • Steve Perry, Phil Collins, Willie Nelson are some of the greatest male voices of my time
okay, that's enough... for now.


  1. Great List!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I always love it when someone else believes in reusable grocery bags. I've been doing some Go Green Giveaways as I'm constantly frustrated when I see people carrying two items in a large plastic bag coming out of the store. Sigh.


  3. That is a great post! I agree with a lot of those :)

  4. And the choir sang "A-men". Good list. Thanks for sharing.


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