spoken sotto voce
(Don't tell the girls but yesterday was the first day they could watch TV, after a month of NO TV. And they didn't ask to watch it!! I don't think they remembered and I wasn't going to tell.

Tee hee heee, I wonder how long this could go on?

But when they realize they could have been watching TV for a week or two weeks and they confront me, what should I do? Should I play innocent, ie: "Oh yea, I forgot too!" Or should I go with: "Well, you didn't remember and I love the NO TV thing, so...."

The funny part is that they had more fun playing with their cousins yesterday than any joy they think they would have found staring at the boob tube.

Okay, gotta go take them to school, talk amoungst yourselves and tell me how you would handle the kid-confrontation in the comments...)


  1. If it were me, I think I'd just be honest with them and tell them exactly what you wrote. "Well, you didn't remember and I love the NO TV thing, so...." And if they don't like it? Don't let them watch television!

    And I still need to enter your coffee contest! I can't forget! I'll try to come back today and do that.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah it's not about coffee. I mean I love my coffee. It's more just about my life and other people arounds me lives and how sometimes I just need to wake up and smell the coffee, like get back to reality. lol

  3. I wouldn't tell them anything until they realized and show them that they really didn't need it as much as they thought. Maybe I'd even lower the weekly TV alotment. And I'd definitely go with "Well, you didn't remember and I love the NO TV thing, so...."

  4. I would see how long it takes for them to bring it up and then say, "You were having so much fun, I saw no point in bringing it up."

  5. Hi, thx for stopping by my blog. I like the design of your blog.

    If your kids throw a fit I say you....threaten to take the tv away! " )


  6. I would totally pretend that you forgot about the t.v. thing. I wish I was brave enough to attempt no t.v., but it's hockey season and my Canadian husband just wouldn't stand for it!


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