Three Bentos for the Price of One

From left: Red and Green apples sections reconfigured into mutant apple, carrot sticks, cooked broccoli from dinner, fruit leather stars and flowers (punched out of fruit strip with tiny fondant cutters). There was another layer with some protein but it wasn't picture worthy.

Clockwise: Stir fry with beef and tofu cubes (red peppers, onions, mushrooms, peas), brown rice molded in heart shape, soy sauce in maple syrup bottle, apple cinnamon mini muffins, pineapple and raisin skewers, orange slices, chopsticks.

Clockwise: Cream cheese mini bagel with face of sunflower kernels, m&m, and raisins; fortune cookie, orange slice, pretzel sticks, hollowed cucumber with ranch, pickled beets (in tin heart).

What's in your lunch box?


  1. I wish my lunchboxes looked like that! How adorably delicious!

  2. You are quickly becoming the Bento queen. :-)

  3. Wow, those are great! Bento is so interesting to me (though I have never tried it myself!).


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