How Did You

Remember when you started blogging? Maybe it was last week, maybe it was 3 years ago. You had something you wanted to share and you heard of this nifty thing called a weblog and said "Hey, that sounds pretty rad. I can write and people may or may not ever see it. Perfectly non-comittal, and hermit-like!"

So you wrote, your posted photos, ideas, questions. Sometime you ranted. And you and your three followers (you know, your husband, you best friend and some stranger who randomly started following you one day) seemed to enjoy it.

On good days, you didn't care that you had less than a handful of followers, but on bad days, after you read other blogs with 40, 60 or over 400 followers you became discouraged.

My question to you is:
    How did you keep going, what drove you to keep blogging, when you had a small  audience?
    And share what helped you get your blog noticed and find more followers....
I'll go first.
I started blogging just to get down the funny, crazy, and sometimes frustrated moments of my life. I had no idea about how huge the blogging world was or how it worked. And I blogged like no one was reading. I had a couple of followers. But the more I read others blogs, the more I learned. The more I shared, the better I got. I followed other blogs, they responded in kind. But the big kick in the butt came when I found a teeny tiny little site called Mom Bloggers Club. It opened up a whole world of bloggers that I joined, commented on and asked them to check my blog out. From there my audience grew and the amount of blogs I read grew.

From there I have found that my followers (that is such a weird word to read after "my") were more than anonymous readers, they were as interested in my life as I was in theirs. It inspired me to keep going, to keep getting better.

Okay, your turn!


  1. I found SITS and found a great community of people who started to comment. I just kept commenting but did feel discouraged that others who started at the same time as I did had triple the followers. I was really bummed and thought, "Why am I doing this". Then I remembered why I started, just to get my thoughts out there and to catch family up on what was going on...everything else is icing. Since then, I just try and be myself, keep up with blogs I love and if I get followers, great!

  2. Thanks for sharing what kept you going Tater Tot Mom!

  3. I might have my answer into a blog post. I started writing and told myself I didn't care if anyone read, but that was a complete and total lie.

    I remember the feeling I got when I got my very first comment. I liked it and I wanted more.

    I think what kept me going even when I felt discouraged was that I was so impressed by how many great writers there are in the blogging world. I was inspired by their creativity and I wanted to continue exercising my creative muscles because they had atrophied.

    Also, when I did make connections the kindness and support was overwhelming.


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