Hello Flu!

Yep, the flu is here! And by here, I mean like right beside me. First he got Zo; she had a high fever all day yesterday and all night (above is an actual moment that was too precious and pitiful not to capture on film, she fell asleep with the thermometer in her mouth). And now he is breathing down my neck just waiting for the first opportunity to take me down, too.

Today after the doctor confirmed my flu-suspicions about Zo, we headed to the pharmacy, a compound pharmacy mind you, to have the childrens Tamiflu mixed-up special for her (regular pharms don't have ANY in right now. Nice.). While the Pharmacists were mixing it up and rubbing their hands together over their stacks of gold and calculating how much more gold we would be adding to their stack, I got a call from the school...wait for it.... Bella wasn't feeling well, could I come pick her up?

I picked her up. And she was gosh darn cheery for a sick girl but we finally got home after a looong morning out!

And I hate to say it but I am feeling a little off. A little queasy, tired, heavy, achy. I don't want to say it out loud but typing doesn't count, right?  Right?!

So here we are, the girls are watching TV. And I am trying to catch up on some posts, emails, etc. while I have a minu......Sorry had to take a time-out from typing,  Zo just chucked her Tamiflu all over the floor, I put her in the shower,cleaned up the mess, frosted everything with a thick layer of Lysol, started a load of her clothes/towels on HOT in washing machine, and now I am back.

So, unless you love feeling like crap, stay away! In fact, maybe you shouldn't even be reading this. Definitely sanitize your hands and maybe your eyeballs after you finish this post.

Yours in sickness,

*Side note: Bella asked Saturday night (Oct 3rd) when she would get TV back, I broke it down for her: that she had been able to watch it for 3 days but she and her sister were having too much fun to be bothered. She was incensed.But glad to have it back. I told her, and the next day Zo, that there was a 30 minute-a-day time limit. However, that doesn't apply to sick days, so TV is baaackkk.


  1. AHHH... that does not sound like fun. I hope you all get well fast.

  2. poor things!!! i hope you all feel better soon. the flu is definitely making its way around. My brother's fiance is battling the swine flue right now :(

  3. Oh no... I hope everyone feels better soon. And maybe it will just tap you on the shoulder and then be on it's merry way.

    Off to sanitize my eyeballs!

  4. Oh and there's an award for you on my blog! (Don't worry, you don't have to do anything with it, just know I enjoy your blog!)

  5. Sorry to hear you guys aren't feeling well. Seems like whenever my little one gets sick I get it too. Luckily last time I missed it(knock on wood...it could still be lurking!)

    Unfortunately for me, he is also a cheery sick person...he never slows down!

    Here's to hoping you feel better!

  6. The song you're playing plays over and over and over again at JCP.

  7. I'm reading this and I've just started feeling ill. Ugh!

    Hope you all get better soon.


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