No Teef

I have been waiting for this day for two weeks, the day that my six year old would lose her other top front tooth and have a Full Snaggle! It is so adorable and funny. The tooth fell out in the car, after picking her up from school. Her eyes got real big and she looked incredulous when she tried to say her first "s" word. It came out with a "sh". I couldn't stop laughing at how unbelievable cute she is/was/always will be.
(BTW- that is a hank of gum in her mouth, not the loose tooth!)

What are your thoughts on the Tooth Fairy? Harmless and magical childhood legend that brings mystery and money to our children's life? Or the elephant-of-childhood-yore in the room that corrupts our little ones' trust?


  1. "All I want for Cwistmas is my two font teef..."

    Great picture!

    The tooth fairy...hmmm. We do it, well once, anyway, because we've only lost one tooth, and I think it's fun. But I do have a little problem with the lie. It's the same with Santa Claus...I know I loved it when I was a little kid and I don't want to deprive my kids of that excitment and magic, but I also hate the outright lying. And I remember being stunned when I found out that they weren't real.

    I don't know...that's a hard one. :)

  2. Oh man... We do the tooth fairy thing. And Santa. What's wrong with believing in a little magic. I mean, my kids have 2 parents who know there (probably) isn't a Santa Claus, but we still as adults like to keep the idea alive.

    Have I mentioned that my husband leaves 1 or 2 christmas ornaments out all year long, "so there's always a little Christmas in the house".

  3. You've got to record her voice saying S words.


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