Baby Food and Bento Boxes

Having a hard time finding little containers with lids to use in the bento boxes for messy stuff. Got some baby food since the containers looked perfect. It was really strange to try to find a flavor the kids might eat since I hadn't bought baby food since Bella was an infant. But it was cheap, cheaper than buying Tupperware that size (FYI- the kids didn't like them, Bella wouldn't even consider it, but the dog thought the banana custard was the best thing ever!)

Alas, they were too tall (insert frowny emoticon here). So I improvised a container for the tuna salad I had just made. I cut large chunks of cucumber, carved out a bowl in the center and scooped some tuna salad in. Added some star cut cucumber slices and parsley, matchstick carrots, three whole wheat crackers, and celery sticks.

On the bottom layer, I put together a fruit skewer using mandarin oranges, muscadine grapes and pineapple on a bed of coconut. Needed to fill in the space or everything would slide around, MIL suggested nuts, so I used little cupcake liners, one for pecans and one for almonds. Looked like a face so I added a dried blueberry nose.

Voila. It is fun to make these, and they really push me to use all my creativity but it is such a chore to run into an obstacle like making my own cups or filling up all the spaces...But it is not nearly as hard or painful as childbirth or engorgement so that is something, at least.


  1. Lol. True! Not nearly as hard. U do a great job.

  2. You're so creative and patient!


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