List Making

In my family, my oldest sister and I are known as list makers. It's true. I won't deny it. Lists help me to keep not-so-organized (just think how bad it would be without the lists) and are fun to check off. I have even posted a list as my Facebook status, ha!

I don't rely on them like I used to because with all the kids things in my pockets, purse, in the car, on the table I just don't seem to have room for as many lists.

But. And that is an emphatic BUT. I have just discovered an online list maker (insert Hallelujah chorus). And I have begun making my Christmas lists, my books-i-want-to-find-and-read list and a list of all my lists (just kidding).

So, if like me you love to list, check out www.tadalist.com

And send me a list of your favorite ways to stay organized under the weight of multiple childrens stuffs (it's okay, I am authorized to make up words) and activities.


  1. As a fellow listlover, I'll have to check this site out.

    I like listsofbests.com for book and movie and music lists -- you can check off what you've read from established lists, or make your own...

  2. I love lists too. I even make my kids write lists when they learned to write. How terrible of me. I am a visual so I have to see it to believe it.

  3. I make lists just for the pleasure of making them. Often I have no intention of actually doing any of it...Laundry? Pfft. Yeah, right. I have also been known to write things on lists that I've already done, just for the pleasure of crossing it out...

  4. I just started using springpad (www.springpadit.com), but I'll check your link out.

  5. I only started making lists after becoming a mom because I can't remember anything without them. I'll have to check out your link.


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