Day Two

My new red hair.

Pretty, lonely flower reaching for the sky.

Four cutie cousins.

Little sandpiper.

We found a head on the beach!

It was a nice day. Zo woke up with the sun, which we watched come over the trees and houses glowing a gorgeous pinky-red. We had breakfast on the porch with the cousins then headed to the beach. The water was beautiful, smooth and glassy with soft rolling waves. And the seaweed here is unlike what we have at home, more like shredded paper then little fingers grabbing your ankles.

We had lunch and then went to the park and shopping around Duck. Bella demanded we go to a surf shop, still not sure why she had to have a surf shop since she didn't buy anything there.

The day ended with a screaming, bleeding stubbed toe, ouch! Unfortunately, Zo doesn't believe in: washing it, icing it, applying medicine or band-aids! How am I supposed to help her? My doctor-sister came to the rescue with her super band-aid applying skills.

When I put the girls to bed I read the soothing, educational story of Hansel and Gretel. It was the Barefoot Books collection of stories, which has wonderful illustrations but it is not watered down very much. Their parents still abandon them in the woods and the witch still tries to cook them. I wonder it B and Z will appreciate what wonderful parents we are in comparison?


  1. Red hair suits you. Thanks for sharing the photos - looks like a wonderful memory-making trip. Enjoy!


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