Day 1

We got an early start on our trip this morning. We grabbed breakfast on the way, got gas and got out of town. Within 10 minutes the kids started with "How much longer?" So I used an analogy (then I had to explain what an analogy was).

"If you had a big watermelon in front of you and you had to eat all the red, that is our whole trip. We have just taken the first bite." Ha, I did it! I thought. I explained it in a way they can understand and this will eliminate the constant Are we there yet questions!

"Oh!" they said.

Five minutes later..."How many bites have we taken now?"

Six hours and and 45 minutes later we were driving along The Outer Banks. "Look girls, there's Kitty Hawk!"

"How much longer?" they whined.

"Look girls, I can see the beach."

"Are we there yet?" they cried.

Now we are here, we have dipped our toes (and some of us have dipped their whole bodies, including clothes) in the ocean, had dinner, and made s'mores. Wait, who thought it was a good idea to give the kids multiple layers of sugar and caffeine at bedtime?


  1. Lol! It was a great analogy anyway...

  2. Don't you hate it when you think you've come up with a really good parenting idea and the kids outsmart you?


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