On The Road...Again

Heading to The Outerbanks tomorrow to visit my sister and her family! Can't wait, the kids and I have never been to The OB before (it sounds so cool and hip to use the initials, like The OC) and are looking forward to yoga in the park, wild horses, lighthouses and hanging with my sister.

Look for upcoming posts on my island adventures (sounds kinda illicit?!) and all the photos I will take. Also, plenty of sarcasm and wit explaining how I dealt with the two monkeys on my own, trapped in a car, for 7 hours!!


  1. so, cant wait to see the picture's and the witty posts.

  2. 7hr car trip - yikes! i found bill harley who's a really funny children's entertainer, and it's changed long car trips forever. His "Great Sled Race" is one of the funniest G-rated stories I've ever heard, and I laugh every time I listen. Of course... the kids like it too! :-)


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