Final Day

Well, I would love to post a photo from the beach or the view from the to of Currituck lighthouse but for some reason my Sandisk was not pushed into the camera!! Argggg. So hopefully my husband can figure out how to get them out of the camera when we get home. And my sister took all the same photos as I did so I can get copies of hers.

I went running this morning at 6:30, planned to get up at 7 but woke up for unknown reasons at 6:15. Headed out towards the beach feeling fast and free. Then it all the joy came crashing around me. I usually run on the treadmill so running without all those numbers telling me how fast I'm going and how long I've been going. So of course, I started off too fast, my nose was stuffy so I couldn't breathe and the sand was hard to run on. I know, I know, of course sand is harder to run on. But I thought that the wet, packed sand would be easier. No! But at least I did some running and made a few fisherman laugh.

After breakfast, cheese eggs for me and powdered sugar donuts for the kids, we headed to the beach. I had bought an underwater disposable camera yesterday and couldn't wait to try it out. I didn't count on the water being about 10 degrees cooler today, I didn't want to get my shoulders wet, much less duck under to take photos of the kids. Finally, all four of us took the plunge, came out shivering and blue lipped. We had fun in spite of the temperature. Can't wait to get the film developed!

Showers, lunch, and we headed off again, this time to the lighthouse. I have never been in a lighthouse so I was really excited. We sweated and wheezed up the 1,987 steps (actual count 270 something) and we were rewarded with a cool ocean breeze at the top. My sister and I kept an eye on the her son K, who is tiny enough to fit through the guard rails (eeek!). We got photos and headed down for ice cream treats and over priced souvenirs.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was pretty tame family stuff: groceries, dinner, kids arguing (Zo tattled that her cousin was being sassy and she didn't like her attitude!). We leave early in the morning so we can get back in time for Open House at the girls' school...Ugh, school, I have to get the kids on schedule with early to bed and early to rise!

See you on the other side.

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  1. Fun trip! Here's a fun alternative to those over-priced souveniers. Give the kids a cheap camera (even disposable) and let them take pictures. Turn their pics into a photo book when you get home. You can do softcovers for about $15 at shutterfly or snapfish. Plus they don't complain so much when you want to take 1,000 photos. We do it all the time now instead of buying souveniers and my kids love it! Good luck with back to school!


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