Cuz It Was Thriller....

The year was 1983. MTV was the crux of my tv watching. It was new and amazing. My best friend, who lived across the street, would come over and watch with me. This is when MTV actually played music videos. And you had to wait to see your favorites- no TiVo or internet to watch them whenever you wanted.

We LOVED Micheal Jackson!! When Thriller came out we were floored. I am sure I was wearing my Thriller-Sexy-In-His-While-Jacket-light-blue-screened-printed tee shirt at the time. How cool and spooky that video was/is. It gave me chills because of the dancing and costumes and makeup and Vincent Price's voice. What an amazing song and video.

My BFF and I memorized the dance with the idea in mind of going on this tv show where people reenacted and lip synced popular videos. We even discussed how to make a coffin to slink out of.

MJ has creeped me out the last 15 years or so. I questioned how I could have LOVED someone who would cut off his own nose (to spite his face) and be so creepy with children. But all it took to bring me back to the day was to see Thriller or Beat It or Billie Jean videos...Damn, that man could dance!

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