Oh Dear God

Our house is falling in. Yep. That's right. I am not being factitious. We have been noticing the tile (which covers all of the the main living space) cracking for the last few years. It was ugly but whatev. Then we started noticing a more serious problem. We've had 6 guys look under the house and they have delivered all kinds of news from "I'll just replace three joints and spray some bleach and that'll git it done." to "Holy shit, ma'am, I...I don't...Jesus, there's so much...I think..." then that guy ran away crying.

Finally we found someone who had half a brain and wasn't going to screw us over. So, we are moving all the stuff from the living room, kitchen, dining, laundry room and the huge built in bookcase so they can completely pull up all the floors and replace joists, beams, sub-floor, and tile. This will take two weeks to replace it all. We feel completely overwhelmed.

On top of this, I have a scheduled art class for all the wednesdays of September, and we are going camping in the Appalachian mountains next weekend. We have two dogs that we don't know where to put when all this work is going on and a huge boat to get out of the way and school and living here for two weeks sans kitchen and our two main doors to enter/exit.

Let the shit rain down.

Our Great Room: we are moving all our stuff in here until the construction is over and we are using the coffee bar to make prepare and make our food.

Our Living room: after we moved all the stuff out. See that hallway, that goes to our bedrooms and we will have a plastic patchway to get to the great room for 2 weeks.

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