In line at the bank yesterday...
Redneck guy with his poodle on the counter, talking loudly on his cellPHONE as the teller politely tried to do her job. Then a guy in the drive-thru catches my attention, I watch him through the large plate glass window dig for gold with his favorite white hankie in view of EVERYONE in the bank. Stay classy, Conway.

On my way to work...
A rainblob, ie: a blob of rainbow that doesn't quite make a arch. Still pretty.

In the grocery store...
A small, wiry man and a large boned, tall woman fighting it out as they walk into the store not giving one shit that they were in public.

In Wonder Works...
A grown man with super curly, short hair in a sleeveless, tight tee and tiny jean shorts and big tennis shoes...I swear it was Richard Simmons...except his outfit wasn't red and white.

At my Mom's...
My 13 year old niece driving the lawnmower pulling a wagon of debris frantically texting. I rolled down my window and yelled, "You Text, You Drive, You Die!!!". I scared her with the shouting then she started laughing and put her phone away (for about 20 seconds).

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  1. I tried to email you, but the autoreply says no.

    Yes, a truly delicious diaper afterwords :)


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