What My Kids Can Teach Yours

I have had several parents thank me after having their kids over to play for the things my kids taught theirs...So if your kids need a lesson in one of these subjects, come on over!

A high-pitched tongue rolling noise that B does to call the dogs. My niece stayed with us one weekend and my sister called to thank me later for that little jewel.

"That's not fair!" A favorite saying in our house. My friend Heather called to thank me after her 4 year old said it about EVERYTHING after playing with my girls.

B in a tree, pouting and mad at us

Tree Climbing. My girls, mostly B, do this all the time and go very high. I called my other sister to see how my niece was recovering after falling out of our tree climbing with B. She actually didn't thank me for that.

How to Throw a Fit in Public. Actually no one has thanked me for this skill either, but my girls are pro's. I could teach some parents how to remain calm and unfazed.

How to Eat Artichokes. B loves them, mostly cause they're dipped in butter. Weird veggies, check.

All About Breastfeeding. Whether or not your kid knew before they met mine, they will after. My kids were both breastfed and have been to countless La Leche League Meetings as I led them. They know all about it. Most kids look horrified as they explain how milk comes out of breasts and how baby's need to breastfeed.

Yes, those are sand boobs.

How Babies are Born. My kids knew some of the basic info, no cabbage patch or stork stories here. But after watching The Baby Story and then watching their dog give birth they have no doubts about where the baby comes out and the eeew and goo that go with it.

How a Punishment Works. Sometimes my kids act up and I have a coupla options: take something away, put them in time out or in the corner. That may mean not eating birthday cake at a birthday party because they went nuts in the car on our way there. That may mean putting their nose on a tree as we are leaving their grandmother's house because they were screaming in the car. That may mean no tv for a month because of escalating rule-breaking and disrespect. No kid has thanked me after witnessing this but it has steeled a few parents who weren't sure how to handle a problem with their own brood. (This is not bragging, I have my days of feeling completely useless and overrun as a parent...like this morning.)

Z pretending to be asleep in the corner

These lessons are free of charge, too!

What have your kids taught other kids? Bring on the best and worst, I need a good laugh!

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