Paris Revisited (a little)

I am waiting on the rest of my photos and then I plan to post plenty about my travels. Here is a quick little nibble....

Jet lag kicked my ass, it isn't even funny how bad I felt and how confused I was that first day.
We saw the Eiffel Tower on the first day, it was very cool and there was a long wait going up and coming down. And it is glorious at night from the Trocadaro (spelling?).
The Hotel de Champs du Mars was excellent.
Chocolate croissants (pain au chocolat) are divine.
Escargot is overrated, probably like oysters.
Montmarte by day is wonderful.
The Louvre is overwhelming but it has so much breastfeeding art (among over things).
Versailles is sickeningly opulent.
The fast train to London made my ears pop worse than any airplane.
I can only hope when you go to London you are also greeted by a Trafalgar Square full of drunken Scotts in kilts.
Arc de Triomphe is 284 steps I will never forget...284. 284, I wish I could capitalize numbers to make you understand. It hurt going up and coming down. And for many days after.
The Catacombs are so cool. Loved it. Go see it and don't be a chicken like the girl who threw her camera when a drop of water fell on her back because she thought a skeleton was grabbing her.
Marais neighborhood has the best shops and the best creme brulee.
For some unexplainable reason I didn't try any cheese, crepes, madelines and so much more that I am now realizing.
We had a blast and we were exhausted to the point of feeling sick at the end of each day. Which Wendy said proved we were having a good time (or at least seeing a lot).

More to come, I promise. I have some funny stories to tell and great photos to share that Wendy (and sometimes me) took on her awesome camera.

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  1. Can't wait to see more photos :) ahem... you said it was chilly, I better see you in a certain bleu beret!


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