Rip It Off and It Still Sucks

I have an obsession today and it's called J Lo's new song. After watching the video premier last night on Idol, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I have hated "On the Floor" since I first heard it on the radio, so much that I would usually quickly switch the channel (almost as quickly as when I hear Rush). But I had to suffer through it so I could see the loooong drawn out results and if Kendra was in the top 12!

So back to the song. It's sucks! And Jenny used to be so good. I think it's Marc Anthony, he is sucking the life out of her. Here is why I hate it...

Firstly, she must have had one of her toddler's write it for her because the lyrics consist mostly of her saying "floor" and action you do on the "floor" (get ont he floor, sweat on the floor, move on the floor, mop the damn floor). My kids and I do this too, ie: B likes to hop, B likes to shop, B likes to flop...It's cute but it does not make a radio worthy song.

Secondly, the other half of the lyrics is the always-original Pit Bull singing about Donks, and Tonks, and Tonka Trucks. I lost the last shreds of respect for this man after seeing him on a silly MTV game show were he danced like my grandpa in a white suit and orange polyester shirt. And he was completely serious about this dance and look. "That badonka donk is like a trunk full of bass on an old school Chevy 7 trail donka truck ." Stay classy PB.

Lastly, I thought out of the whole song the hook was okay...the Ba da ba da bababaaaa melody was nice and catchy. Too catchy once I realized that it was from some movie. 12 hours later I realized it was from a movie I loved as a teenager about a Brazilian princess who comes to America, gets hired as a maid, falls for the rich son of her employer (whod is quite the racist/elitist) and they enter a dance contest where she woos the crowd with her hip shaking and grinding. Her hulking, Shaman, protector Captain Spaulding comes to rescue from America her with his magic voodoo powder and falls for a Latina lady (that I can't remember how she fit in) and they make sweet, creepy love after dancing. I KNOW, right?!

So how did I find out the name of said movie? I couldn't remember any of the actors names but I thought the actor who played Mr. Shaman was the same guy who played Capt Spaulding in 1,000 Corpses. Thanks to imdb I found out it was and the movie was The Forbidden Dance that started the Lambada craze on the 1990'2.

So...after I watched the video of the Lambada song by Koama...Ba da ba da bababaaaa..nice melody (like I said) and had solved the mysetery! Yea Me!!

Now, I am not Latin and I have never Lambadaed, so maybe that is a pretty common melody/rhythym/whatever...But me thinks J Lo caught a little rerun of TFD movie a few months back after playing the "floor" game with her kids and Bada Bing- she thinks she's got a hit song!

Okay, I am going to go lie down and try to foget how much time I have devoted to this.

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  1. You are funny sis! Keenan has been doing the rhyming after his sister and driving her crazy. Christy


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