Homemade Pasta

Recently while looking for dinner ideas I was inspired by Dinner A Love Story, which I check often for such ideas. I loved the look of her Butternut Squash Pappardelle.

After looking all over town for packaged pappardelle (a fat noodle) I realized I would have to make my own if I wanted to have this particular dinner. Now, I have made pasta ONCE when I was 8 years younger and didn't have a foot issue. At that time, I could stand and roll and roll all the live long day without my foot begging me to please sit down. But these days...just geting to the bathroom is a hobbling trek and making pasta- that's like climbing Mt. Everest.

Here's what the foot and I accomplished (I didn't use my foot to make this, it was only there to support me). First I peeled, cleaned and cubed a butternut squash. Tossed it in olive oil, salt pepper and oregano. Lining the pan with foil kept me in good standing with my MIL (mother-in-law) who cleans up after I cook.

Next I mixed the pasta dough, don't remember where I got the recipe...Google kindly helped me find one, if you asked nicely it would probably do the same for you. I mixed the dough in the food processor then kneaded by hand, let it rest and rolled it out. Rolling it out takes a long time and uses a lot of muscles: arms, hands, shoulders, back, abs, glutes....We both got our gluten stretched this day (ba-da boom).

Next I draped it to let it dry slightly before cutting it.

Pappardelle is supposedly 3/4 inch wide, mine were too wide (didn't use a ruler) and next time I would cut them at 1/2 inch width. Here they are sunning themselves...

In the meantime, the butternut squash has gotten nice and roasty. My only change to DALS recipe: I added two cloves of garlic to the roast pan and I didn't have fresh thyme. Oh, and for the sake of having a green vegetable, I added in frozen sweet peas to the colander then poured the pasta and water over to cook slightly. This is my secret to a lot of pasta dishes, the kids will eat them and there is no effort!

I had cooked 6 Italian Sausage links earlier and warmed those up right before serving. Sausage and Pasta is one of my favorite combinations. I blame it on the delicious and cheap meals at La La Lucci's in Charleston, circa 1995, pick your pasta, pick your sauce, pick your toppings for like 7 bucks (fettuccine Alfredo with sausage and mushrooms was heaven!).


Here is the final result: fat noodles tossed with butter and lotsa Parmesan, the roasted squash and sweet peas and sausages!

Next time: I will have fresh thyme and make my noodles with more egg yolks to get that buttery yellow color. Also, I will be asking for a pasta roller attachment for the ole Kitchen Aid to keep me from getting Popeye forearms!

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