Love Links

Blossom is Awesome! I really love this lady. Whoa.

These are too Adorable. I heart owls so much.

I'm Going, That's All There is to It! Love this blog, it has helped me prepare for mon voyage du Paris (think I made my own version of French there) (Bonus points if you know what movie that quote in the link is from).

The Oatmeal is genius. Never fails to make me laugh. I must order this poster to hang above my crazy-expensive ink-eating printer..

One of my favorite time wasters.

I wish I was part of this family so I could move to France.

One of my favorite blogs: Hello Owl, a mom with three girls, she does laundry, cooks, shops, changes diapers but it's all so exotic with Australia as the backdrop.

What are you faves?

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