Yes, I have done that...

Cute little article about the things we do as parents...My fave is the little boy who told his preacher what his mom did! Check out Grossest Moments from Parent Dish.

For prosperity's sake, I will add my own here:

My baby was about 6 months old when my mother-in-law and I went out for lunch. My MILK was holding baby while we grabbed a few things from the store. When she got back in the car she noticed a mustard streak on her skirt. Uh oh. I immediately knew my daughter had had a "blow out" and it was probably covering her and her car seat. When we got to the restaurant, I got my baby out of her seat and sure enough it was everywhere! I took her to the back of my car to change her where I would have plenty of room. Of course, nothing goes that smoothly. Because, see, I HAD NO FREAKIN' WIPES!!! Really?!

Thankfully I did have a jug of water. That had gotten nice an warm in the back of my car.

And several diapers to wipe and then cloth the clean but in.

My MIL held my baby at a weird angle while I poured water over her bum as I wiped the breastmilk poo with diapers. Thank you Jesus, that it was breastmilk poo and not solid-food-sticky-as-tar poo.

Gross. I know. But I am sure you have your own gross parenting story...so tell me, what have you done that only another parent could understand?

Leave it as a comment or a link to your own blog post and I will post them in a few days on my blog...

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  1. My cat threw up in 2 locations in my bedroom 2 days ago. Does that count? hehe


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