Run, Baby, Run


I am not sure if I mentioned it but I have started running again. I feel a little guilty over using the term "running" because I am probably barely jogging. But "jogging" sounds so lame and 1978. I have been building up my time and endurance over the last coupla months, alternating the treadmill for street run (frankly because some days the treadmill is the only way I will get to run when the kids have this or that going on). I find the treadmill is easier but I prefer to run on the street. Go figure. I thought maybe one day, maybe in the fall or next spring I would attempt a 5K or 10K race...my goal was very loosey-goosey.

Then the other day I saw that there was a 5K scheduled in my area in six and a half weeks. I decided to take a leap of faith and Do It! It still scares me to think about committing to that goal. But it is also exciting. To prepare I mapped out on www.livestrong.com a 1.5 mile route in my neighborhood, I had been using my iPod touch with a Training app to log my distance via GPS but sometimes it doesn't work. I got my "RunMoFo" playlist (you can see/hear it to the right) cranking and headed out the door.

1.54 miles later I was sweaty and glad to be done. It was hard but I did it thanks to Kanye telling me I was Stronger the last few blocks. I walked in my house victorious, announcing such in a loud voice only to be ignored by my family because they were busy. Ha. How dare they not drop everythign and fall at my sweaty feet? I did talk my 6 year old into sticking her nose in my socks for $1. I started the bidding at a quater but she wasn't cheap. She didn't even react how I wanted her too, I still doubt she really inhaled (if she had she would have gotten woozy. Gross? I know. But that's how I roll.)

Smelly socks aside, now each week I will add .25 miles onto my run, building up to 3.1 miles which is equal to 5K. I have 6 weeks and a new pair of Asics Gel Turbulent running shoes to get it done!

Any advice or encouragement is welcome. I will spare you the minute updates but will let you know how it goes towards the end.

Wish me luck!

Ran with new shoes this morning, I like them. But my right foot still gets a little numb/painful at the end. Don't know what that means. Ran exactly 1.54 miles in 18 minutes. That's an improvement!


  1. i so want to be a runner, jogger anything...but alas, I'm too lazy.

    best of luck

  2. BTW, once you break your new shoes in, they won't make your feet numb.

  3. I am so proud of you. I did the same thing when I ran 1.5 miles.... I ran around victoriously looking for attention, not really getting any. I haven't run 1.5 miles since that day two weeks ago; for some reason I can't get past 1 mile, but I keep trying. My friend keeps on me about a 5K. I may have to do one. Besides, I really want those "runner" legs.


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