The Wagon

Today is bittersweet. I sold my little green station wagon that I have had for 10 years. But the sweet part is the caaash in my pocket! Yippee!

Before I had my first child I had a big red van. I mean BIG. It was a 14 seater that my dad sold me that I used for my pottery business. It was great for hauling big crates of bisque and finished pottery. And I brought my baby home in it. And that was great too. Until I fell out of it holding my precious baby. Twice! Yep, I climbed the 18 inches up in it, got her out and stepped backwards down the 48 inch drop (yes, it grew on my way down), just catching the curb and falling out the door onto my back. Baby was unscathed, both times. In fact both times were in my parents driveway...I seriously pressed my case that they should put a "Help" button out there for when I would inevitably fall again.


We decided it was in my child's and my best interest that I get rid of Big Red. We looked and looked and I finally found this awesome station wagon. I loved it. It fit me great. It ran like a tank and carried me and my babies and there goldfish, juice, board books, dress up crowns and minuscule Barbie shoes all over the place.

Of course, there were a few tiny issues that I learned to live with...the seat adjuster-thingy eventually broke. And then the antennae. And the floor boards no longer had carpet but a hard tarry covering from years of said juice and goldfish dough. But the A/C could freeze you where you sat. And the trunk was huge and carried a lot of coffee and stuff. But alas it was time to move on.

And I will miss it.

Until I get my new-to-me minivan! Yes, I am joining the ranks of all those soccer moms I used to maybe, secretly make fun of.

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