Our new and improved espresso bar! My husband just got a new machine, a Quickmill Vitrano espresso machine. He finally installed a sink and got everything cleaned up and ready to serve our caffeine-addicted friends and family!!

I love that he added a blue light behind the machine. And the front looks like a face...as I am watching tv some nights I look over and think, "I will take a cappuccino please, Jeeves." And in it's robotic butler voice he says, "Of course, Madam."

I will try to get pics of the shot being pulled and some of our drinks.

Next time your in town, drop by...that is if you don't mind a gang of kids running around you at full speed, a dog that's about to have puppies, a general untideness and a constant stream of Office quotes spewed out like real dialogue.

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  1. i dont drink coffee but i love espresso with ice cream! affogato? something liek that :)


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