Date Night

So last night the hubby and I bid the kids farewell and headed off into the wild, blue Grand Strand. Our date night plan: shopping for a new comforter, sushi smackerals and seeing Date Night The Movie. Exciting stuff for a couple of people who have been together for 20 years this summer.

First on the date-genda was shopping, we went straight to the big mall to tackle the big box stores on each spoke of it's illustrious and teen-populated wheel. We struck bedding gold (sounds perverse) at Bed, Bath and Beyond finding a duvet cover that suited our mutual tastes. Duvet's make such sense to me, although I have never had one, because you can put a blanket you already have inside. This kind of thing falls under the waste-not-want-not category, which is good. Alas, my hubby is a shop-around kinda guy. So instead of buying it immediately, we headed to the next store to compare-shop (ie: to see if the grass was greener elsewhere). After much ado we ended up back at B, B, & B to buy the first one. Of course, we DIDN'T buy the first one because they didn't have a King size in stock. Grrr...

Next was dinner. I wanted sushi, he suggested the Sushi Buffet. It was exactly like every other Asian food buffet around here. Which translates to L-A-M-E. The sushi, which there was a lot, was cold, eeewww, the tea was awful and the service was non-existent. Blah.

I was very excited about seeing Date Night cause I LOVE Steve Carrell and Tina Fey. We passed up the over-priced refreshments and found a great seat on the front of the stadium seating where we could prop our feet up on the rail. The seats were faux-leather, bouncy, reclining, and had arm-rests you could move out of the way. The movie started, yea! About the time we started getting into it, I heard a "plunk". Now, this was not a "plunk and shimmy" like when a thing drops and slides across the floor. No it was just a "plunk". I realized "the plunk" was my iPod Touch that h inad been in my pocket. I looked between the seats, nope. Under my seat, nope. I looked behind my seat, where another couple was innocently sitting. "J, I can't find my iPod," I whispered. I leaned further over the back of my seat, literally putting my head in the guys lap behind me, "'Scuse me", and look in their floor. Nothing. I asked J to help. He squats down and his seat flips up as he looks under his seat. A glint of light catches my eye and BETWEEN THE BRACKETS THAT HOLD THE SEATS TOGETHER IS MY IPOD. STANDING ON END, WEDGED TIGHTLY AND FLUSH WITH THE BRACKETS. There is less than a 1/4 of an inch of one corner poking up. Not enough to get a pincer grasp on.


J gave up and figured we could watch the movie and work on it afterwards. But I am obsessed. I worked to grasp "my precious". Nothing. Again. Nothing. Finally I felt the little seam where the glass front meets the metal back and I slid a fingernail into it. I began to ease it up and like a baby sliding out the birth canal it suddenly pops out into my eagerly, awaiting hands.

After the movie, I looked at that crevice again. I had to take a photo of it, it is just too ridiculous to be believed. Can you see it? The gap between those crud-encrusted bolts? That's where my iPod was hiding.

This long drawn out story should serve as a warning to you movie-going-iPod-carrying folks...Mind the Gap!

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  1. That sounds like out date nights, always an adventure even when the kids aren't with us!


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