Teacher Appreciation Day

Okay Moms and Dads what do you have up your sleeve for Teacher Appreciation Day on May 3? What? You didn't know either?!

Yea, I just found out and set a reminder on my phone to let me know the weekend beforehand so the kids and I could make or get something. ANd it must be said- I am REALLY bad at giving gifts, I mean really, really bad. So, I need ideas...What you got? Making stuff is not a problem: crafting, sewing, baking, glueing, etc...Buying would be swell, too.

Give me some good ideas so I can see the teacher smile this time and not stare alternately at me and the gift with looks of shocked horror.


  1. Hi thanks for following! How'd you find my blog?

  2. the best gifts I have received as a teacher have been: personalized stationary, b&n gift card, a nice mug with a starbucks girtcard inside, a key chain with photo slot, and a really fancy stapler...yes, I really do love my fancy stapler.

  3. By the way, it's Administrative Professional's Day today...so Happy Administrative Professional's Day to you!

  4. We bought 4 inch clay pots from Lowe's ($1 each), plastic tray under pot (30 cents each), 4 inch plants ($0.98 each), and ribbon from Michael's (~20 cents each). Had the kids choose colors and paint pots. Once dried, they glued ribbon around edge (pretty polka dots and swirly patterns). They then planted their flower in each pot. Teacher were excited and loved their homemade gift that the children had specially picked out and put together. All for ~$2.50 each.


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