Seafood Boil

This weekend we took the boat out to one of our favorite spots, a little beach in the inlet. Last year when we stopped here we hit the clam jackpot. After hauling off our loot we promised to never reveal out secret location but to return every year for more bivalve goodness.

Yesterday after a fun day in the sand, sun and salt water, we brought home a large bucket of clams and the smell of pluff mud in our hair and bathing suits (mostly that was the girls, Josh and I don't enjoy rolling around in the mud). As we headed home salty and sandy, we stopped at the seafood market to pick up some shrimp and the grocery for the other ingredients for our planned feast. Then we headed home to start our seafood boil!

Our cache of clams. Cleaned and ready to be consumed!

Kielbasa sausage, corn, cabbage, red potatoes...ready to boil.

Steam escapes as I lift the lid to snap a quick pic before we e'ht it up (said with a geechee accent, sorry I couldn't find any good examples of Geechee to link to, it is the lowcountry speech heard in mostly African American communities where certain sounds are dropped or added....it is beautiful and melodic to hear...)

The amazingly, delicious bounty...Hubby tossed the shrimp with Old Bay seasoning, but the rest was unseasoned. We added the consummate butter and salt to the potatoes and corn and I whipped up some cocktail sauce for the seafood. This meal was so simple, easy to prepare, easy to clean-up and my husband and I cooked it together which doesn't happen often.

This is a dish I grew up with, it speaks to me of all the good lowcountry food I had growing up. What my dad caught, what my mom bought or grew stirred together with the traditional seasonings and methods of the South.

What kinds of foods are special to your area of the world or your childhood? I would love to read the recipes and maybe share them here....

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