Ho Faux Soup

One of my favorite easy lunches! Ho Faux Soup. Based on an Asian soup and copied from a Daniel Ho show I watched once.

Chicken broth (1-2 cups)
Rice noodles (handful)
Roast beef slices (about 4 oz )
Assorted veggies: zucchini sticks, grated carrot, yellow squash sticks, mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts (about 10 oz all together)

Prepare noodles per bag/box instructions which involved boiling water and pouring over the noodles and letting them sit for 5 minutes. Very easy. Leave some water in pot to add veggies to.

Heat chicken broth until almost boiling.

Slice and dice your veggies. Blanch everything but the sprouts in boiling water that you smartly left on the stove. Just a minute or two to soften them. Drain.

Roll up your roast beef- I like about 3 rolls then I cut them up for ease of eating with a spoon and chopsticks.

Pour broth in bowl, add a nest of noodles, add blanched veggies, sprouts and meat. At this point I like to add soy sauce, pot-sticker sauce, hot sauce, etc. until I get it seasoned just how I like it that day.

Simple, fast, low cal and uses up what you have on hand!


  1. hmmm. sounds like it could have been based on pho. i love pho. but this actually, sounds quite good. i may have to try it. sure would beat all that extra prep work!


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