Soaking Up the Sunbeams

B is sick, AGAIN! Man, I am ready to dig an underground shelter and order Hazmat suits for the whole family. This makes like the 10 school-missing illness this school year. Not counting all the ones the sniffles she went to school with.

Here she is laying in the sun like a cat getting warm. Her sweet sister is shading her eyes and later brought her a blanket to snuggle under. Aaaawwww.

(Can you see Lafawnda laying on the other side of the door soaking up the sun, too.)


  1. Oh that does feel so good...my cats love to find sun patches, and I ought to take a lesson from them (and your daughter) to stop and soak up some!

  2. Poor thing, we're dealing with sickness, too. Never quite goes away when you're a mom, does it?


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