Forwarded Mail

I dread opening my email box and finding the dreaded "Fw: Amazing Story, wopill make you cry"...or "Fw: Save the rodents now"...or "Fw: Read my crap"...So I usually delete them and then have to admit I don't read Forwarded stuff when the person asks me, "Didn't you just Loooove that email I sent?"

"Well, actually no. I didn't even read it."

You can imagine the stunned silence that receives. People get really offended.


My sister sent me a Fw which I of course didn't open and didn't read. Then when I saw her at my mom's house she asked about it. I admitted I didn't read it. HA! She had me and knew it...after lunch she took me to the computer and opened it and we began to watch.

And it was AMAZING! Sheesh...do I have to admit defeat to the Fw now?

I am posting the amazingness here,
and here:

there is no pressure for you to watch it. I will not ask you about it again. I will not be offended if you chose to skip clicking this incredible link.

Enjoy or don't. It is completely up to you...if you do read this little foreword for an explanation of the video....

This video shows the winner of " Ukraine ’s Got Talent,"  Kseniya Simonova, 24,  drawing a series of pictures on an illuminated sand table showing how ordinary people were affected by the German invasion during World War II.  Her talent, which admittedly is a strange one, is mesmerizing to watch.

The images, projected onto a large screen, moved many in the audience to tears. and she won the top prize of about £75,000.

She begins by creating a scene showing a couple sitting holding hands on a bench under a starry sky, but then warplanes appear and the happy scene is obliterated.

It is replaced by a woman’s face crying, but then a baby arrives and the woman smiles again. Once again war returns and Miss Simonova throws the sand into chaos from which a young woman’s face appears.

She quickly becomes an old widow, her face wrinkled and sad, before the image turns into a monument to an Unknown Soldier.

This outdoor scene becomes framed by a window as if the viewer is looking out on the monument from within a house.

In the final scene, a mother and child appear inside and a man standing outside, with his hands pressed against the glass, saying goodbye.

The Great Patriotic War, as it is called in  Ukraine , resulted in one in four of the population being killed with eight to 11 million deaths out of a population of 42 million. 


  1. I don't usually read forwards, either. My aunt is notorious for sending them and she always does CC instead of BCC, so you have to read through like 2 pages of all the other emails she sent it to. UGH.

  2. i too can't stand the forwards, but every once in a great while one comes along that is cool. this one was. i agree. Either they are cool or a train wreck that you can't look away from.

  3. I've seen this chick before and her talent is unique and AMAZING! Thanks for sharing something beautiful that changes the way you look at everyday things.


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