iPod Touch

I'm in love...not only with the Valentine who gave me this little piece of techno-crack but also with said techno-crack. It is so flipping fun. And I can finally get all my music on it instead of trying to find an artist to dump in my library so I could put a new artist or podcast on my iPod.
I think I will call her...Polly. And I am going going to make Polly her own little case out of some pretty fabric.

My Fave Apps, which are free or .99 cent are:
the Finger Sprint- great to play with a group.
Truth or Dare- also group thing- pretty lame by yourself.
Labryinth and Marble Maze- similar but diff.
Lightsaber- I am not a huge Starwars fan or anything but this is so silly and fun.
Moodpad- just cool- my girls will love it.

Lame App- Sexy Mirror- thought it would be funny but it is the opposite of funny.

What apps do you love, hate, obsess over?

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