Do you Lost?

If you don't then just skip on by

but if you do...

Let me just say, I love the fact that the writers of Lost took something that is a nightmare for most people, you know...losing your luggage... and made it more nightmarish.

"I'm sorry sir, we seemed to have misplaced your coffin. If you will just fill out this paperwork we will contact you as soon as we find your loved one. I'm sure he'll turn up one of these days."

Also, is Claire the new Russo?

What questions do you have about Lost?

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  1. I try not to ponder the mysteries of Lost too much. I'm always wrong. I decided a few years ago to just let the awesomeness of Lost wash over me and I'll learn what I need to know as I go. I do have plans to rewatch the entire series from the beginning after this season wraps. I'm sure I'll notice some things I've forgotten.

    PS. I'm quite sad that Locke is really dead. I had hopes he would rise again.


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